A one-on-one training session where an expert from our technical support team will cover the topics listed below to increase your understanding of the Helium network. This session is available for anyone, not just Nebra hotspot users. 

This 90-minute video call session will cover:

  • Helium & how it works
  • Proof of Coverage basics
  • Validators
  • Transmit scales & Hexagons
  • Antennas & how they work
  • Hotspot placement & recommendations
  • and more tips & tricks
  • This 90-minute session includes a 30 minute Q&A

$300 AUD

Please contact orders@photonixhelium.com if you have any questions about this training session. More advanced training is available on request. 

As this is a one-on-one session, If you are a group of people interested in a session then please email orders@photonixhelium.com or ring 1300 515 177 for a custom quote. 


For only $77 AUD – We’ll provide you with an in-depth PDF report detailing our analysis of the locations you’ve provided us before you decide to roll out a hotspot in a particular location. 

We’ll advise you on the following topics:

  • RF simulation
  • Antenna recommendations
  • Recommended setups
    • Indoor vs outdoor miner
    • Mounting brackets
    • Cabling
    • And more
  • Region evaluation
  • Witness rating
  • Expected transmit scale
  • Area rating by one of our tech support experts

Installation Services*

Not tech savvy?  Not a problem! 

Services we provide

  • Site optimisation
  • Install and setup your Nebra miner to your router,
  • Setup or connect your account to your Crypto wallet,
  • Install and setup any external Antennas and Outdoor Miners,
  • Install Telescopic Masts
  • Lighting protector and earthing rod connections
  • Router configuration to ensure you get the best connection to the Helium network and prevent Relay mode status.   

Contact us to book your installation, or for any enquiries

Hosting Packages (Vic)

We are always on the lookout for Prime Mining Deployment locations. 

Earn 10% HNT reward or get Free Wifi Internet for Hosting a Photonix Energy owned and managed Helium miner at your property. 

Contact us today to see if your site is suitable!

Managed Fleet Deployments (AU/NZ)

We offer managed deployment and management contracts for multiple miner deployment projects.

Complete miner deployment and continual optimisation and administration services, including

  • Setup and install Glass-Fibre External Antennas on telescopic masts, best suited to your location per Helium miner deployed.
  • Provide comprehensive pre-deployment modelling to ensure maximum earning potential for every miner.
  • Setup the monitoring and administration dashboard for your fleet of miners.
  • configure the Port Forwarding on your routers to prevent relay status reduced earnings. 
  • Ideal for local and regional multi-site deployments. 
  • Antenna augmentation and upgrades as and when required or when Hotspot density increases in your fleet coverage area.
  • Regular maintenance checks and 24/7 support. 
  • Crypto Exchange monitoring and reporting to maximise your earning and HNT staking potential. 

10% ongoing HNT fee charged for minimum 3yr contract.  (x10 miner minimum)

Contact us today to speak to one of our Business Development Managers to discuss your installation requirements and costs.

*Servicing Victoria, South Australia, Southern NSW and GoldCoast areas.

Install fee and complete optimization/setup service – from $1100AUD

Includes 4.5m Telescopic mast with 6.8dbi or 9dbi Glass Fiber Antenna, lightning arrestor, and up to 15m LMR 400 or equivalent coaxial cable  installed, Onsite or remote IT consult and router/port forwarding configuration for optimal results.  Assistance with onboarding Helium miner to network and wallet setup

Contact us for all other areas quotes.