Coming Soon – SenseCAP M2 Data Only LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway(SX1302) – AUS915 Hotspot

Check back regularly for latest information of availability and pricing

Sensecap MX Certification


The Sensecap M2 Data Only gateway is NOT a ‘Light Hotspot’

The SenseCAP M2 Data Only Gateway doesn’t support PoC (Proof of Coverage) and will not be able to transfer to any other hotspot type in the future (e.g. Light Hotspot). 

Please choose the “SenseCAP M2 (Data Only)” hotspot type when you onboard the hotspot in the SenseCAP Hotspot App, otherwise it may result in errors.

Please note that the onboarding fees are NOT included in the product.

A $10 onboarding fee and a $5 location asserting fee will be deducted by users’ wallets to onboard.

Please make sure you have enough Helium Data Credit in the Wallet when you proceed with the onboarding process.